About Dubai FinTech Summit

Prepare for the remarkable second edition of the Dubai FinTech Summit in 2024, meticulously organized by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). This global event heralds a new era in financial innovation, uniting the sharpest intellects, policymakers, and influencers to collaboratively shape the future of FinTech and finance.

With an unwavering focus on Innovation, Inclusion, and Impact, the summit mirrors the ongoing metamorphosis in the financial landscape, propelled by technology, financial accessibility, and sustainability. Dubai, ascending as a FinTech powerhouse, spearheads this revolution, igniting startup ingenuity and visionary investments. Join us and become an integral part of the FinTech revolution!

Founding Partners


Regulatory Frameworks

Designing the framework of future finance
Delve into financial regulation, covering topics like cryptocurrency, DeFi governance, and RegTech integration. Explore crafting future-proof policies using technology and innovation to guide finance’s evolution.

Finance Renaissance

Charting the New Course of Capital
Explore the fusion of traditional finance’s heritage with today’s innovation. Witness corporate finance’s renaissance via bank-FinTech collaborations, APIs’ influence, and customer-centric banking models, catalyzing transformative progress in the sector.

EcoFinance & Impact

Green Threads in the Financial Fabric
Enter the realm of green finance and sustainable impact. Discover innovative green financing models, the rise of impact investing, integrating ESG factors into finance, and strategies for inclusive growth. Shape a resilient and sustainable financial future anchored in environmental and social responsibility.

Investment Vanguard

Curators of Capital Growth 
Embark on the journey of capital growth exploration. This theme delves into the changing landscape of venture capital, FinTech’s transformative impact on investment management, cryptocurrencies as an emerging asset class, and AI’s integration into investment decision-making. Together, these trends define the story of wealth creation.

Global Financial Dynamics

Crafting Cross-Border Economic Unity 
Embark on a journey through the complexities of global finance. Discover cross-border economic policies, evolving trends in trade finance, the influence of digital currencies worldwide, and ongoing efforts to align international financial practices. Witness the formation of strategic alliances and policies fostering cross-border economic unity and prosperity.

FinTech 2.0

Crafting tomorrow’s financial matrix
Discover the evolving FinTech landscape, where AI, digital currencies, and groundbreaking technologies redefine finance. Explore AI’s impact in financial services, the role of digital currencies and blockchain, innovations in embedded finance, and programmable money. Address challenges in mainstream crypto adoption, digital banking trends, and RegTech’s role in navigating regulations. Together, these elements reshape finance, emphasizing security, sustainability, and financial inclusion in the digital age.

FinTech World Cup

The FinTech World Cup pioneers a transformative shift in finance. Regional competitions spotlight startups worldwide, partnering with leading organizations to provide a launchpad for revolutionary FinTech concepts. Standout startups advance to Semi-Finals, leading to a Grand Finale at the Dubai FinTech Summit. Global investors and leading minds gather to witness groundbreaking pitches, awarding the winner a US$1 Million Grand Prize in investment funding.

Regional Winners

Saudi Arabia
Rest of the World

Extended Program

At the Dubai FinTech Summit, you’ll engage in insightful discussions with global leaders across diverse sectors. Our expanded program features five exciting stages, allowing participants to delve into the forefront of innovation and finance. Each stage offers a unique lens to explore FinTech trends, challenges, and opportunities. From cutting-edge technologies to regulatory frameworks, our summit provides a platform for thought-provoking dialogue.

Enhanced Exhibition Experience

Explore innovation at our event’s new start-up and country pavilions, showcasing cutting-edge solutions from emerging and established players. Attendees will experience a comprehensive view of technology and finance advancements, sparking collaboration and shaping the industry’s future.
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2023 Highlights

  • 5000+ C-Suite Leaders
  • 1000+ Investors
  • 150+ Speakers
  • 100+ Exhibitors
  • 90+ Countries Represented
  • 10+ MoUs Signed
  • 3 Stages


Jenny Johnson

The remarkable scale
and impact
of the Dubai FinTech Summit truly speaks for itself.“

Jenny Johnson
President & CEO at Franklin Templeton