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at Dubai FinTech Summit 2024

At the heart of Dubai FinTech Summit (DFS) 2024 lies our commitment to nurturing a vibrant, collaborative ecosystem that transcends the main event. Our Ecosystem Events are curated to enrich the DFS experience, offering specialized gatherings that range from insightful panel discussions to immersive workshops and exclusive networking opportunities.


Join the movement shaping the future of finance and technology. We invite the global FinTech and finance community to align their events with DFS 2024, leveraging the summit’s expansive network and influence. Whether hosting a panel discussion, a workshop, or a networking session, your event gains unparalleled visibility and engagement within the DFS framework.

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Explore Our Ecosystem Events

Explore the diverse array of ecosystem events happening at DFS 2024. Our partners have designed each event to complement the summit’s agenda, offering deeper insights into specific facets of FinTech and finance, facilitating meaningful connections, and enhancing the overall DFS experience. Whether open to all summit attendees or by invitation only, these events promise valuable opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration.

FinTech World Cup

The FinTech World Cup pioneers a transformative shift in finance. Regional competitions spotlight startups worldwide, partnering with leading organizations to provide a launchpad for revolutionary FinTech concepts. Standout startups advance to Semi-Finals, leading to a Grand Finale at the Dubai FinTech Summit. Global investors and leading minds gather to witness groundbreaking pitches, awarding the winner a US$1 Million Grand Prize in investment funding.

Regional Winners

Saudi Arabia
Rest of the World